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This page is a consolidation of posts made in the Whip Tubing - All Your Questions Answered! thread at fuckcombustion.com, started by vtac.

Color-coded illustration of a typical vaporizer whip with wand and mouthpiece.

What is whip tubing?

When speaking of vaporizers, the word whip is used for a lot of things. Generally, it is a combination of a wand, tubing, and mouthpiece as illustrated. This page is about the tubing.

What type of tubing is safe to use?

It is assumed that the tubing that comes with vaporizers is generally not exposed to temperatures high enough to cause it to emit toxins. Some of the PVC type tubing does give off a plastic/rubber type odor when new, this tends to fade over time and after use.

Silicone type tubing is (usually) more heat resistant and taste/smell neutral. Another advantage of using silicone tubing is that you can safely rinse it out in alcohol to recover the resin that accumulates. Unless you are using alcohol-safe PVC plastic tubing, exposing it to alcohol for more than a quick rinse will cause it to turn white and become brittle.

Soft silicone rubber tubing seems to work best for vaporizing, but some users have expressed concern over the possibility of spallation, which is the shedding of of silicone molecules due to stressing the tubing through bending or coiling. Note that spallation can also occur with PVC tubing.

Do not replace whip tubing with off-the-shelf tubing from your local hardware store. Replacement tubing should be food grade and rated for high temperature use.

How do I identify tubing?

Tubing is normally stamped with at least a product code. Ideally, the information also includes some or all of: the manufacturer, the type of material, the size, and the temperature limits. Since you want to know all of these data, use the product code to find missing information. Do not trust unmarked tubing, even if it came with your vaporizer.

What size do I need?

This information is compiled from previous posts and might be outdated--use with caution:

  • 1/4" ID, 3/8" OD - Older Extremes, Vaporbrothers and most other box style vaporizers
  • 5/16" ID, 7/16" OD - Newer Extremes
  • 3/8" ID, 1/2" OD - SSV/DBV (newer style wands might use different sizes)
  • 5/8" ID, 3/4" OD - to upgrade the HerbalAire tubing to improve airflow by fitting over the mouthpiece instead of inside it, like the stock tubing
  • 1/16" wall thickness should be around standard for most whip vapes

Purple-Days vapor tubes are 1/2" OD and the 3/8" ID silicone is a snug fit.

Where to buy?

You can probably buy some where you got your vaporizer. Most manufacturers and online vaporizer retailers stock it. Some suggested types:

How do I clean the whip tubing?

Check out Spiral's thread: How to clean tubing. If you want to clean the wand check out How to clean vape parts and reclaim resin.

How do I remove the wand/mouthpiece?

To remove glass pieces from your tubing, apply gentle heat until the tubing becomes flexible enough to allow easy removal. If you are using a forced air vaporizer such as the Extreme, turn the fan and temperature up and just hold the joined part in the hot airflow. A hair dryer also works.