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The VapeXhale Cloud is a handheld/tabletop vaporizer developed by VapeXhale. It features moisture conditioned vapor, an all glass vapor path, an all glass delivery medium, and enough thermal mass to create the largest of clouds.

  • Type: Passive convection
  • Heat source: Custom ceramic heater molded around glass pass-through
  • MSRP: $449.99 - $649.99, depending on which package you get.
  • Made in: California, USA
  • Website:
  • Official FAQ: VapeXhale Cloud FAQ
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Nicknames: Cloud, VXC
        • THIS MODEL HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED CURRENTLY. You can get a VapeXhale Cloud EVO which is the next generation.


Package Contents

Each Cloud comes with either a dry mouthpiece or one HydraTube (multiple HydraTubes available), two ELBs (Easy Load Bowls), and the Cloud base unit.


US and Canadian customers can order now, but orders are not yet accepted from outside North America due to the lack of a 220V model. This restriction was introduced because of early reports that some Clouds were damaged when used with an inverter. Such damage is sepcifically excluded from warranty claims, see below.



For a period of 365 days from the date of purchase, if this Product is determined to be defective, VapeXhale will repair or replace the Product, at its option, at no charge, or pay the labor charges to any VapeXhale authorized service facility. After the Warranty Period, you must pay for all labor and parts charges. VapeXhale will not reimburse repairs performed by any third party.


In addition, VapeXhale will supply, at no charge, new or rebuilt replacements in exchange for defective parts for a period of one (1) year.

To obtain warranty service, you must first register online ( within 30 days of purchase date or warranty is null and void. Then, take the Product, or deliver the Product freight prepaid, in either its original packaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection, to VapeXhale (address will be provided when you are ready to send unit back to us). This warranty does not cover customer instruction, installation, set up adjustments or signal reception problems.

This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use, or modification of, or to any part of the Product. This warranty does not cover damage due to improper operation or maintenance, connection to improper voltage supply, or attempted repair by anyone other than a facility authorized by VapeXhale to service the Product. This warranty does not cover Products sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS, or consumables.

Proof of purchase in the form of a bill of sale or receipted invoice which is evidence that the unit is within the Warranty period must be presented to obtain warranty service.

Refurbished unit will have a warranty period of 90 days.

This warranty is invalid if the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from the Product.


Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.


VapeXhale was formed by three vapor enthusiasts who met on a snowboarding trip at Lake Tahoe and discovered they had a mutual passion.

As of today, the team is:

StoneMonkey, Chief Vapor Officer: - A 15 year veteran of vaporization, StoneMonkey flies on a cloud delivering the highest quality vapor to those that search for vapor nirvana aka the vaporgasm.
Robot, Chief Financial Officer: - A 20 year veteran of Silicon Valley's nastiest gutter brawls, he would love dearly to get out of that world and spend more time acting like a human being.
Troi, Director of Business Development and Marketing: - A young serial entrepreneur, with past experience in bio-tech pharma, e-commerce, and Project Management. Only 28 and deathly tired of corporate america, and ready to serve the vaporizer industry for life.
VaporRing: -The IT Guru behind the operations, handles everything fulfillment, order processing and all things technological for Vapexhale
PowerNerd3000: - vapor enthusiast, mechanical and electrical engineer, currently works in the aerospace and defense industry; brains of the operation, makes sure products function exquisitely, look fantastic, and are built to the highest standards to ensure user safety.

After discovering they all shared a love for vaporizing, they also discovered that they all felt that the existing selection of vaporizers fell short of their desires. This prompted them to design their fantasy vaporizer. They came up with five mandatory design objectives:

  1. All-glass vapor path for maximum flavanoid transfer and no flavor contamination.
  2. Thick, plentiful, moisture conditioned vapor production.
  3. Simple one-handed operation.
  4. Better looks and performance than any other product available at any price.
  5. Affordability.

Once the project took shape, VapeXhale took the bold step of contracting with top glass blowers to produce works specifically for the Cloud:

  • StoneGlassWorks
  • VertigoGlass
  • Luke Wilson Tree
  • Sovereignty

The result is the VapeXhale Cloud, currently (May 13) in final design adjustments resulting from beta testing. During the initial run, units were made with a heat source that clicked and had a flared bamboo bottom. However, they do not click anymore, and there is no more flared bamboo bottom.


The VapeXhale Cloud Heat Injector.

The Cloud Heat Injector

The Cloud Heat Injector uses a unique heater design that features a custom made, UL certified, wire heating element sandwiched in insulation and wrapped around an all-glass vapor passage. The temperature sensor is embedded in the heater. A controlled-loop algorithm ensures consistent temperatures during a draw.

The heater is enclosed in an insulated aluminum housing to permit easy one-handed use when a HydraTube is mounted. The top of the Cloud houses a male conical glass-on-glass (GonG) joint that accepts the Easy Load Bowl, which is designed to hold the herb in place so that you can use the Cloud inverted. This allows you to connect the Cloud to almost anything in your existing glass collection (adapters will be needed for 14mm pieces).

Concerning size, FuckCombustion forum moderator and Cloud beta tester max posted this:

In case size hasn't been mentioned lately, the Cloud body by itself is 6.5" high (add almost an inch for the gg joint) with about a 2.25" diameter-the size of a typical 500ml bottle of water. The ShowerDome is approx. 7 5/8", with an inner diameter at the top of 1.5". This is easily a hand held vape, and I mean one hand. I found myself handling it just like my PD with the 8" glass vapor tube.

max reports the weight without tube as 510 g (18 oz), and with tube 750 g (26.45 oz).

All dimensions are taken from a beta model and are subject to change.


Please see the Vaporpedia article for HydraTubes.


This section is derived from the VapeXhale Cloud User Manual.

Safety Checklist: The 8 Commandments of the VapeXhale Cloud (VXC)

Because the most critical component of the VXC is glass, you must take extra caution when using this vaporizer. Before allowing guests to use your VXC, be sure to review the safety checklist with them.

  • Make sure there are no kids or pets around who might accidentally pull the VXC off a table.
  • Never leave a HydraTube on top of the VXC.
  • Never blow into a HydraTube.
  • Always put your HydraTube in a safe area where it can't roll away or be knocked off a table, and avoid hard surfaces like cement, since accidental falls will surely shatter the tube.
  • Never force the VXC into a HydraTube or any other water tool. Let the weight of the VXC provide the seal.
  • Do not pull or twist the glass tube in the middle of your VXC.
  • The VXC can get warm to the touch and so should be held by the bottom of the unit.
  • If you are using ice, monitor the water level in the HydraTube. As the ice melts, the water fills the chamber and can overflow into the VXC base unit and exit the bottom, possibly burning whatever surface is beneath it and voiding your warranty. Avoid this by periodically turning the HydraTube upside down to drain out some of the water.

1: Turning On Your VapeXhale Cloud

Turn the dial on your VXC to 12 o'clock (indicated by the white hash mark) then move the rocker switch to the "ON" position. It will take a few minutes for the VXC to reach the set temperature from a cold start. The LED light indicates temperature status:

  • RED indicates the unit is heating.
  • GREEN indicates the set temperature has been reached.

The VXC is calibrated to operate at the 12 o'clock position, which is roughly 400F/204C. In extensive testing VapeXhale found this to be the optimal setting for clean, tasty vapor with the VXC. Those who prefer higher temperature vapor can increase the temperature by turning the dial clockwise past the 12 o'clock position.

Note: you may hear a slight clicking/buzzing sound when you turn on your VXC. This is normal and is the unit smoothing out the electrical signal. Only older units will hear this. Newer units do not have the "clicking" noise anymore.

2: Preparing Your Herbs

It is important to expose surface area so that the hot air can penetrate and vaporize your material. You can break up your herbs by hand or use an herb grinder. It is recommended to use an herb shredder to achieve the best consistency for vaporization.

3: Loading Your Herbs

The EZ Load Bowl is a convenient and multi-functional two-piece screen system. Take the larger of the two pieces (bowl) and fill it with shredded herb until it is 30-80% full. Insert the smaller piece (cap) into the bowl so that your shredded herb is encased by both pieces.

4: Inserting The EZ Load Bowl (ELB) Into The VapeXhale Cloud

Once you have filled the ELB, insert it into the glass joint on the top of the VXC. Use only light pressure as the ELB should slide easily into place and seat snugly.

Your ELB might have an extremely snug fit. You can "train" your ELB by inserting it into the glass joint of the VXC and leaving it in there over night. After a few hours, your ELB should be much easier to insert and remove from the glass joint.

5: Filling Your HydraTube

Hold the HydraTube right side up, with the larger hole at the top and smaller hole at the bottom. Fill with water until the slits/grids in the percolator are submerged. VapeXhale typically advises to adjust water level to just slightly above the slits/grids but based on your preferences, you can use more or less water to add or take away drag.

6: Connecting The VapeXhale Cloud To The HydraTube

Hold the HydraTube right side up and gently place it on top of the VXC, allowing gravity to mate the male and female glass joints. Do NOT use any additional pressure or force. The weight of the HydraTube provides an airtight seal.

7: The Fun Part

Place your mouth against the top of the HydraTube with your lips inside to create an airtight seal and inhale to vaporize! Heated air is drawn through the herb, producing vapor which is then filtered, moisturized and cooled by the HydraTube. If you want to clear the HydraTube of vapor, simply lift it off of the VXC while still inhaling. With practice, this becomes second nature.

To get the most vapor, you will want to completely empty your lungs and use a long, yogic inhale. After a few inhalations, try stirring your medicine to expose new surface area. When vapor production begins to dwindle it's time to reload and repeat if necessary!

The VXC has an auto shut off function after an hour of use. You will know that your unit has shut itself off when you see blinking lights: the pattern is two red blinks, followed by three green blinks. To override the auto shut off, simply turn the unit off and then on again, and the unit will stay on for another hour.

8: Cleaning and maintaining your VapeXhale Cloud and HydraTube

The VXC requires little maintenance other than turning it off and storing it away when not in use.

The EZ Load Bowls (ELB) will begin to accumulate particulate matter and will require cleaning from time to time. To clean your ELB, simply empty the contents and submerge the ELB into isopropyl alcohol. After soaking, thoroughly rinse off your ELB and it should be as good as new.

After repeated usage, your ELB might begin to fall apart, you can order additional ELBs at

The HydraTubes can also be cleaned by soaking them with isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your HydraTube before re-using it.

Questions & Answers

Why an all glass vapor path?

To ensure that the tastes of your favorite herbs are intact when they hit your mouth. Just as importantly, to keep what goes in to your lungs free of anything like plastic, rubber, or metal. The Cloud is engineered to ensure maximum durability while maintaining the all glass vapor path, resulting in clean, pure, untainted vapor.

Why moisture condition your vapor?

The designers didn't like dry vapor irritating their throats. Believing that they were not alone, they came up with a design that adds water moisture to condition the vapor and help open up the passageways in your throat for increased absorption.

Isn't it dangerous to suspend water in glass over electronics?

The HydraTube design allows for these units to be safely and securely placed atop the Cloud. The HydraTubes were also designed to prevent splash-back. Water in the chamber will be kept there, and unless it is physically forced into the Cloud unit (by blowing down into the HydraTube) the water is on no danger of contacting the heating element or electronics. The electronics are completely separate from the vapor path so there is no issue there.

Can it be used with existing glass pieces?

Absolutely! If you want to use it with existing glass pieces, just flip the Cloud Heat Injector upside down and you can use it with any 18.8 (or 14.4 with appropriate adapter) water tools.

When using the Cloud with a bong (upside down, correct?), will you need to increase the temperature since the herb will be farther from the heat?

No, you do not need to increase the temperature. There is actually a domed screen that goes on top of the bowl (like the Extreme) so you use the same bowl for the Cloud as you would with any glass water tool.

How hard is it to change the screens?

The screen is easy to change on the Cloud bowl, no harder than changing a screen in a whip.

Will an international version be available?

Yes, we will have international models compatible with European and Australian regions.

What is the heat up time?

Approximately 10 minutes.

What type of temperature control/range will it have?

The Cloud has a wide temperature range, from 1-500 degrees F (1-260 degrees C). There is no temperature display. The temperature is controlled by a front-mounted knob, with numeric markings to help you remember your favorite settings. The Cloud is calibrated so that the 12 o'clock position should deliver optimal, low temp, blue vapor.

Will every Cloud produce the same heat given the same position, ignoring how strong the inhale is?

Yes. The controlled-loop temperature algorithm for the heater is designed to maintain a steady temperature regardless of draw strength.

How hot does the exterior of the Cloud Heat Injector get?

The Cloud is intended to be used held in one hand. The casing gets warm to the touch, but does not get uncomfortably hot.

Glass vaporizers are prone to breaking, how durable is the VapeXhale Cloud?

The VapeXhale Cloud is not as durable as your typical log style unit, but will be much more resilient than other glass alternatives because it uses high quality 5 mm thick borosilicate glass. Due to the nature of the all-glass design, you should always handle your Cloud with care. Treated properly, it will give you years of service.

Do I need to grind?

The Cloud is intended for use with ground herbs. A 3 or 4 piece grinder will suffice. The grind does not have to be particularly fine. As with most vaporizers, it is a good idea to stir the bowl after two or three hits, and perhaps crumble the load a little more.

The VapeXhale Easy Load Bowl.

What is the normal load size for the Easy Load Bowl?

This question has no definite answer because it depends on how finely ground the load is, how hard it is packed, and of course whether you completely fill it. FC member max posted some test results:

I did a quick test, loading a bowl with herb ground in a 4 pc., and another with some ground in a 2 pc. for the PD and LB. This a narrow bowl with a screen for the sides, so herb doesn't always just drop smoothly down. It can stick to the sides some and make a load size vary quite a bit. With the 4 pc. grind, I had .13g, not packed, just pushed in, and it came to the top of the bowl. The fine grind came to 2/3 full by tapping the bowl on the table, and half full with packing it down lightly-weighed .22g, making for a .33g full bowl with tapping, and .44g with light packing. With really fine ground herb, and packing it, I'm sure a full bowl could weigh as much as a half gram. With such a wide range of load amounts, depending on the grind and whether it's packed or not, I don't know how useful the info is. Of course packing in a half gram would restrict air flow, with also a good chance that you'd have to dump the bowl out, mix it up, and reload, to get it all cooked. Not a real world load, for sure, but I can see some making a mistake and loading that much.

Will different bowl sizes be available?

The Cloud comes with the Easy Load Bowl. Other bowls are under consideration (High Efficiency, Party) but release dates have not been decided.

How do you clean the Cloud?

The Cloud is made so that there is little need to clean the internals. It is basically a hollow glass tube, so it is easy to use a Q-tip to clean it out if anything should fall in. The ELB is made from mesh that is so fine almost no particles fall through.

The part that will get the dirtiest will probably be the ELB. You can easily clean that piece by letting it soak over night in some Simple Green or Grunge Off.

You can wipe down the aluminum housing for the Cloud with a cloth. You will not be required to wash, soak, or rinse.

Prototype packaging for the VapeXhale Cloud.
Detail of the prototype packaging for the VapeXhale Cloud, illustrating the protective foam insert. .

Will VapeXhale Labs offer a Pelican or similar carrying case?

This idea was discussed but rejected. Rather than using throwaway packaging and offering an extra-cost carrying case, VapeXhale designed packaging suitable to be kept and used as a storage and carrying case. Unfortunately, because of startup difficulties this packaging will not be used for initial shipments. There is no announced availability date.

Can I use the Cloud with an inverter in my car?

VapeXhale does not recommend using the Cloud with an inverter. The Cloud's electronics have been destroyed by a power spike because the unit was connected to an inverter when someone started the car. For that reason, using the Cloud with an inverter is at your own risk and any damage is not covered by warranty.

If you still want to take the risk, make sure your inverter is at least 200 watts. VapeXhale recommends that you always use a surge protector so that your Cloud is getting the cleanest power source possible.