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This page is basically a cut&paste of a version of the FAQ posted at which was fine until someone prepared a more comprehensive page. I am working on that now. I propose to replace it with a series of questions and answers mined mostly from posts made by magicflight in the MFLB thread at FuckCombustion. The existing text will be replaced with a link.

At this point I need to fill in a few gaps and organize everything a bit better. I won't be ready to post anything for a few more days, but the idea of using this entry more effectively has come up at FC and I wanted to avoid duplication of effort. If anyone else is working on a similar project, please contact me.

I realize I forgot to sign that comment. Oh well, I have hope that I will recover my original login shortly anyway. In the meantime, I have posted a first attempt and magicflight has kindly made changes to reflect the current state. I hope now that at least there are no inaccuracies left.
It is an awfully big page. I don't know if I'm typing at myself here, but if anyone has thoughts on how to split it up I'm interested.
Pakal0l0 15:01, 18 September 2010 (UTC)