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The Solo Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer manufactured by Arizer.

  • Type: Passive convection, direct draw
  • Heat source: Ceramic heater, powered by internal Li-Ion battery pack
  • MSRP: $299
  • Made in: Ontario, Canada
  • Website:
  • Official FAQ: None yet
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Additional features: Variable temperature control, meets UL, EU, and CSA requirements
  • Nicknames: None yet

Package Contents

Standard Solo kit
Standard Solo kit

The standard Solo kit includes the following items:

  • 1 heating unit (black and silver available, silver shown above)
  • 1 charger
  • 1 potpourri dish
  • 2 diffusing tubes (originally both bent now ship with one straight and one bent)
  • Owner's manual (look under attachments)



The Arizer Solo was released to the general market in late May, 2011. The device is the culmination of three years of planning and design.

"Model" numbers

Each Solo is marked with a serial number that begins with M1nn. This portion of the serial number is sometimes referred to as a model number. Arizer has said that these are manufacturing batch numbers and do not reflect models; however, some changes were introduced beginning with certain batches.

Initially, the Solo was only manufactured with a ceramic crucible. However, a small percentage of users complained that the crucible was prone to chipping or flaking. Though Arizer stated that any flaking of the crucible would not adversely affect the performance of the unit, they began developing a version of the solo with a Stainless Steel crucible. Solo's that utilized the steel crucible were introduced in the M105 production run. The M105 production run also saw the addition of a loose PTFE ring for better retention of the stem, as well as a firmware update which had the unintended effect of lowering the temperature levels by about 10 degrees centigrade. M106 and later units restored the original temperature scale.

At some point around M106 units Arizer made some changes to the charger unit as well.

Additionally numerous software changes to try and optimize the balance between warm up time, temperature and overall battery life have been made and the latest units do seem to have better battery life than the earlier units.

No known differences with the M107 unit from the M106's as of Feb 2012.


The Solo is a lightweight, hand-held, portable vaporizer. The heater is ceramic or stainless steel, powered by an internal Li-Ion battery pack. The air path is separate from the battery and circuitry and is toxin-free. The circuit board uses a high temperature silicone solder as opposed to metal based solders.

The diffusing tube or stem, as many prefer to call it, is made from borosilicate glass, making it easy to clean with ISO or Simple Green. The capacity is approximately .1-.2 g depending on how finely the material is ground and how tightly it is packed.

Stems are designed to be screenless, but some owners have added one or even two screens to prevent sucking in ABV particles. The original stems featured two small holes for airflow, but four-holed stems are now available. Both straight and angled stems are available. 1/2" screen fit nicely in the stems after being domed around the blunt end of a sharpie marker.

Stems are not consistent in fit: some are loose, some are tighter but overall M104 units had a looser fit. M105 and later units have a design change which makes the stems fit tighter. User preferences are inconsistent: some prefer loose but more users seem to prefer the tighter fit offered by the latest units with their retaining ring.

Owners report that the draw is milk-shake heavy, similar to many log vaporizers.

FC member vaplexus has posted an illustrated tear-down of his Solo in the Solo thread.


Size relative to can of soda and bottle of beer
Size relative to can of soda and bottle of beer.

Without glass diffusing tube:

Height: 4.5" (11.4 cm)
Diameter: 1.75" (4.4 cm)
Weight: 8.3 oz. (230 g)

Glass diffusing tube:

Diameter: .5" (1.27 cm)
Depth: .375" (0.95 cm)
Length: 5" (12.7 cm)

All dimensions are approximate.

Power Source

The Solo uses an internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery. The stock charger takes approximately 4 hours to go from completely exhausted to full charge. Depending on the temperature setting, a charge lasts 3-4 hours.

The Solo cannot be used while charging; however, Ariser is selling a separate AC adapter that powers the Solo without charging the battery. A device to permit use of a car charger is planned.

Some users have tried to use a cheaper power supply with varying success. The substitute is a slim PS2 power supply that requires you to change its connector. One experimenter had the slim PS2 power supply overheat and melt down while plugged in but not in use, and another reported that it fried his Solo. A third owner reported success.

There is no battery level indicator; however, right after the unit is turned on the lights flash briefly to indicate the approximate remaining charge. To avoid running flat at an inconvenient time, you can leave the unit charging when not in use.

Li-Ion batteries do not have a memory, but each charging cycle depletes the useful capacity somewhat. This deterioration is unavoidable and permanent, and is accentuated in high-demand applications. The battery pack will therefore need replacement at some point. Because the pattern of use and re-charging determines the battery lifetime, it is not possible to predict how long it will last, but similar battery packs typically last up to three years with proper care.

After initial confusion, Arizer has clarified that users will be able to replace the battery pack. Arizer will offer a service for anyone who is not comfortable doing the replacement. The cost of battery replacement, including labor, is $95 plus taxes and shipping.

The stock battery pack in the Arizer Solo is a BFN 7.4 volt battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh. The pack is made up of two 18650 cells in series, with a JST-RCY lead. Users wishing to replace their own batteries should be careful to ensure the polarity of their new battery matches the polarity of the Arizer circuit board. The battery can be replaced with any 7.4 battery, including those that exceed the capacity of the original pack.

Third party options are available for replacement batteries. TorontoVapes offers a 2200mAh battery for 50$, and VapePower offers a 3400mAh battery for 48$.

Guides on how to replace the batteries can be found over at GrassCity and VapeNation.

Prolonging the battery life

Li-Ion batteries will last longer if you do not discharge them completely. A common recommendation for longest battery life is to re-charge when they are discharged to 80% capacity. The best approach is therefore to re-charge between sessions.


The Solo heats up in approximately 1.5 minutes or less, depending on the temperature selected. It has 7 preset temperatures:

Table of temperatures versus level selected
Level Spec Temp Measured Temp M104 Measured Temp M105
1 122°F ( 50°C) 40°C 40°C
2 365°F (185°C) 170°C 150°C
3 374°F (190°C) 183°C 163°C
4 383°F (195°C) 195°C 175°C
5 392°F (200°C) 205°C 185°C
6 401°F (205°C) 220°C 200°C
7 410°F (210°C) 235°C 220°C

To return to your last used temperature setting, press the down arrow button for a couple of seconds after turning the unit on. To turn off the start-up beep, press and hold the up arrow.

The design allows the placement of the temperature sensor close enough to the vaporization point that it should be accurate to within a couple of degrees. Note that the highest setting is much lower than the combustion temperature for commonly used materials.

The Solo continues to heat if it is left on. Vapor loss is minimal but to minimize power consumption the unit should be switched off when not in use. To avoid accidental battery depletion, the unit shuts off after 12 minutes. This is normal operation. To continue using it, simply switch it back on.

Tips for good vapor production

  • Heat up time
  • dome screens
Example of domed screen

  • concentrates
  • vapor bong
  • tbd

Maintanence and Cleaning

ISO the bowl

Torch the stems hot cocoa iso everclear

As I explained fastly on the MF thread: Take a cup of 100% fat milk...bring it to boiling point....poor it in a cup, USE YOUR OILY STEM to stir the milk (you can add powder cocoa, honey, whatever sweetener...oh and you can also leave the stem in the hot milk for a few minutes to make sure everything reclaims easily in there, or "pre-torch it to liquify the oils), and/or use the stem as a nice straw to drink the milk!!!! I guarantee an excellent edible moment, a happy you and a clean stem at the end too! biggrin

The latest experiment with dairy products. Cappucino made using resined Arizer stems.

First the coffee. I use a six cup Stainless moka pot. Grind Trader Joe's House Blend beans at expresso setting, Brew as usual.

For the dairy I use 1/2 2%, 1/2 half and half filling my Frabosk cappucino frother half way. Put thermometer on vessel and heat on range to about 185 F. Stir stem(s) vigorously in heated dairy then put the top on with integral whisk and operate to produce froth.

Assembly. Distribute coffee evenly into two large mugs. I also added to each a teaspoon of raw sugar. Scoop froth into each mug then pour the remaining liquid. Yields two large mugs.

Next time I try this I will make sure to have some biscotti on hand. The cappucino itself tastes as amazing as it normally does.

I can hardly until my stems gunk up again.


The Solo is now available many brick and mortar stores and online retailers. FC has a number of sponsor retailers who are authorized Solo dealers and offer discounts for FC members.

As of October 2013 units are being sold on Ebay for as low as $130. From time to time there are also deals on Massdrop, which can be even cheaper, but delivery typically takes at least a few weeks longer.

For Europeans: the Solo sold in the US works just fine over in Europe. All you need is a US-to-UK power adapter (if you live in the UK), which costs only a couple of Euros. The Solo carries a hefty 200 Euro price tag as of October 2013, so buying from Ebay is usually a lot cheaper. However, when ordering you need to take into account the shipping fee (listed on Ebay) and customs, which is usually 10 to 20 Euros, depending on where you live. Shipping can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks.


Authorized vs Unauthorized Dealers

Arizer has given each unit a unique serial number so that they can track sales and clamp down on unauthorized sellers. They announced a 'no advertised discount' policy for authorized dealers but clearly this is not being enforced. As of February 2012, many reputable online authorized dealers such as Puffitup, GreatVape, and PlanetVape are advertising discounts.

This announced policy initially caused confusion about whether Arizer would honor the warranty from an unauthorized dealer. Arizer eventually clarified that they will honor the warranty for units purchased from unauthorized vendors, but since this will be factory service it could take time, and might involve cross-border shipping of used units. Arizer prefers that you get service from authorized dealers, who are not supposed to advertise a discount (but see above). The current MSRP is $299, but as of February 2012 street prices from Amazon and eBay tended to be well less than $200.

WARNING: Bogus copies of the Arizer ExtremeQ were spotted on Ebay in January 2012. So far no knockoffs of the Arizer Solo have been seen, but buyer beware. Clearly the safest way to buy an Arizer Solo is through one of the authorized retailers and FC sponsors listed above. Many of these offer FC discounts even if they are not advertised, so you should always ask.

Chipping Ceramic Coating

Soon after the Solo release, a number of owners complained that the ceramic coating inside the heating chamber was beginning to chip and flake. Some raised concerns about inhaling ceramic particles; however, the ceramic used is inert and does not present a health issue.

The ceramic coating requires careful baking at precise temperatures in order to adhere properly. Arizer eventually determined that their manufacturer had not controlled the temperature carefully enough for some batches. They switched manufacturers and issued free replacement units to affected customers. A stainless steel (SS) insert for the bowl was offered, and the Solo was redesigned to use a SS bowl. All newer models come with the SS bowl.

It is not clear how many units are affected by this problem. There are many owners who have made heavy use of their Solo without a sign of chipping.


Some owners have complained that their Solo units give off an offensive odor. This has often been called a 'hot electronics' smell. Some owners report that the smell diminishes or goes away completely after a few heating cycles. Others have said the smell remains as strong as ever.

A few owners have reported that baking the cap (with the plastic cover removed) at about 200 C (400 F) for 10-12 minutes eliminated most or all of the smell. Some have also reported that wiping the unit down with ISO reduces or eliminates the smell.

It is not clear how many units are affected by this problem, but is not common.

Noise from Power Supply

There are some owners who report hearing a whine or a high-pitched buzz from their Solo. This almost certainly results from Arizer's choice of a switching power supply. Switching normally occurs at 15 kHz and higher, which is out of the range of hearing for most--but not all--humans.

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How do I contact Arizer?

email: Phone: 1-888-292-0521 Web  :

How do I use the Solo with an 18mm water pipe

one suggestion would be something like this: 18mm to 14mm adapter

What is the airpath like?

Answer from KJ Rockwise on FC:

The airpath is pretty simple:

Air enters the unit through the holes on the top, enters the heating chamber from below, and rises through the small holes in the bottom of the ceramic core when air is drawn through the glass aroma tube.

Unlike the EQ, the battery and circuitry are completely separated from the air path of the Solo. The air path is limited to the top 2" of the Solo, all the components are in the bottom section.

How long does the battery last?

Is there a battery indicator?

How do I turn the sound on and off

How do I restore the last temperature setting

Is the battery replacable?

what does a battery cost?

where can you acquire replacement stems

how do I dome a screen

Do I have to grind my herbs

No, although grinding generally provides the best and most uniform extraction, entire nuggets can be vaped whole if necessary.

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