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Original cherry PD with the purple LED.

The Purple-Days is a soda-can sized convection vaporizer and essential oil diffuser hand made in Port Orford, Oregon.

As of 2011-12-19 the manufacturers have left the business. Service and warranty support is no longer provided.[1]


  • Type: Passive convection
  • Heat source: 12-Volt ceramic resistor with 72 fin stainless steel heat exchanger
  • MSRP: $180 (shipped)
  • Made in: Port Orford, Oregon, USA
  • Website: www.purple-days.com
  • Warranty: 3 years, parts and labor
  • Additional features: RoHS compliant, 100% Lead free construction, aromatherapy diffuser
  • Nicknames: PD

Package Contents

The standard Purple-Days kit.

The standard Purple-Days kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Purple-Days unit
  • 3 vapor tubes
  • 1 purple vapor-tube-cleaning-bottle
  • 1 copper aromatherapy diffuser cap
  • 1 muslin tote bag
  • 1 muslin spent herb bag
  • 1 1/2oz tin of Buzz-Butter
  • 1 North American 120VAC to 12VAC wall transformer
  • 1 12 volt DC car adapter
  • 1 "lucky" piece of jade

Previous bonuses have included:

  • Violet blossom fragrance oil
  • Purple leather key chain
  • Turned wooden vapor tube holder
  • Various snack goods for padding



The first Purple-Days vaporizer was created in 2005, born from a desire to improve on the shortcomings of the Aromazap, which was, itself, reverse engineered from the Eterra, dating back to a 1978 patent. The inventor's account of its creation can be read here.


Purple leather bottom

The Purple-Days unit is a soda-can sized piece of turned hardwood, with a purple leather bottom. Inside is the stainless steel heat exchanger which uses a spring loaded, solder-less design, a heavy duty ceramic resistor, and other related electronics. Only the top of the heat exchanger's tube is visible, it is hot to the touch but safely recessed. The copper aromatherapy cap is placed on top of the tube for diffusing essential oils or incense.

Vapor tubes

The vapor tubes consist of a stainless steel bowl and screen connected to a cigarillo-sized, food grade, odorless and heat resistant polypropylene tube. The bowls are quite small (average ~0.025g per load) compared to those of other vaporizers, providing accurate measured dosages and very high efficiency. Despite the seemingly tiny capacity, the narrow bowl provides a high vapor to air ratio, and relatively large hits are possible.

Special attention was paid to using non-toxic materials, all components are 100% lead free, the wood is finished only with all natural Buzz-Butter. The unit draws 7.2[2] watts and is designed to be left on 24/7 worry free.

Design Changes

The first units featured a purple LED on the front of the body to indicate power. After long term durability considerations the LED was removed, optionally replaced by a wood burned Purple-Days sun logo. 12 additional radiating fins were added to the heat exchanger design (originally 60), while maintaining the same 100g mass.[3]


Run over by a Ford F250.

The Purple-Days was designed to be rugged, the inventor's long term test unit has suffered considerable abuse in filmed durability tests[4], including being:

  1. tossed 20 feet in the air onto gravel
  2. run over several times by a Ford F-250
  3. tumbled in a commercial dryer
  4. run over in an upright position
  5. fully submersed in water
  6. hammered off a counter into a wall and concrete floor
  7. frozen for 12 hours

Eventually the LED failed, most likely due to the combination of submersion and freezing tests, but aside from that (and some superficial damage to the wood), the unit remained fully functional and is still reportedly being run 24/7.


Main article How To Use The Purple-Days

When first plugged in, the Purple-Days requires 30 minutes to reach vaporizing temperature. After 45 minutes it will have reached optimum temperature (~190°C) and will remain there until unplugged. The large heat exchanger provides enough of a heat reserve for multiple successive hits without the need for a waiting period between them.

Herb ground to a medium-fine consistency is placed in the stainless steel bowl end of a vapor tube. The bowl is inserted into the heat exchanger tube of the Purple-Days unit and the user draws through the other end of the vapor tube. The inventor offered the following description of how the unit functions:

'The air you are drawing through the herbs, enters the top disk of the heat exchanger, travels downward past a series of radiating fins. At the bottom (about 1-1/2" down) the air makes a turn and enters the Heat Exchanger tube. It then moves upward past the ceramic resistor (lead-free of course) which sits in the bottom of the heat tube. The resistor is in full contact with the heat tube wall and releases excess heat into the heat exchanger mass , which just heated the air you are drawing past that mass and those stainless fins. Compared to a car, the resistor is the engine, the heat exchanger is the radiator up front. Air moving past those stainless fins is heated. We use that heated air for making vapor.'

Spent herb is blown out of the bowl into the provided muslin bag or another suitable receptacle.

Using the Purple-Days with a Bong/Bubbler
Many users like to use their Purple-Days with a water-filtration device (e.g. a bong or bubbler). The Purple-Days' stems fit snugly into a 14mm ground glass joint offering an airtight seal between the vaporizer and the water-filtration device.

Wood Types

American Cherry is the PD house wood, due to its attractiveness, durability, sustainability, workability, and ideal specific gravity (~0.5) for insulation. Australian Tea Tree and Tasmanian Blackwood are also currently being used, with Walnut, Ash, and Figured Maple currently undergoing suitability testing for possible availability in Spring 2009.

Initially many exotic woods were offered, including Western Maple, Rose She-oak, Bocote, Cocobolo, East Indian Rosewood, Pink Ivory and Macassar Ebony. They were discontinued due deforestation concerns as well as less than ideal specific gravities. The manufacturer also offered a service where customers could send in their own piece of seasoned hardwood and have it turned into a Purple-Days for no additional cost.

Special Editions

Vegan PD

For a brief time wood bottoms were available in place of the purple leather. The so called vegan PD.

Embossed paisley leather

Embossed paisley leather bottoms are currently available.


The Purple-Days has been very well received by users, with many compliments paid to its aesthetics, efficiency, price, and customer service.[5]


The Purple-Days is now sold directly from the manufacturer, Vapenow is no longer stocking units. The price of a standard PD kit is $180. Time from ordering to receiving a unit averages around four to six weeks. Last year (2010) Purple-Days offered a build-it-yourself "Pandora" Purple-Days, this option is no longer available to the general public.

Information for International Consumers



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