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The Omicron/O-Phos Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer manufactured by Up Tech.

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The Omicron and O-phos are ultra portable vaporizers designed for the vaporization of concentrates like BHO, earwax, budder, super melt, etc. Its a battery powered deviced that uses re-chargable lithion ion batteries for power. Originally there was just the Omicron and then came the Omicron v2 and most recently Up Tech introduced the O-PHOS (Omicron Light). All these units use identical cartridges but have different chargers/adapters and some minor feature differences. All 3 of these units use 3.7v nominal batteries. The Omicron V1 is being phased out but you may still find some units in retailers stock. All of the dealers listed below should have current models available.

Features Overview

Omicron V1
  • Produced Sept 2011 - March 2012
  • Screw on battery charger (source of a lot of issues, keep your contacts clean)
  • No USB pass through (allow usage when battery is dead and/or while charging)
  • 7 second timers
  • Batteries are not removable/user replaceable
  • Heat shield around cartridge
  • Smallest of the bunch
Omicron v2
  • Produced March 2012 - TBD
  • User replaceable standard 14650 3.7v batteries
  • USB pass through usage system in development
  • No 7 second timer
  • Modular construction like Persei (should allow for broader future attachments and 7.4v)
  • NO Heat shield around cartridge
  • Largest of the 3
  • Produced April 2012 - TBD
  • Internal battery not user replaceable.
  • Charger is a standard mini USB connector.
  • Full passthrough usage and charging is supported over USB!
  • 7 second timer
  • Ability to lock the power button for carrying in pocket (press power button 5 times in rapid succession to lock/unlock)
  • Heat shield around cartridge
  • Slightly longer than the Omicron V1

Cartridges Overview

All the Up Tech vaporizers use the same 601 cartridge threading but there are some different ohm cartridges available. Currently there are 1.4, 2.4, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 ohm cartridges available. How do I know which ones to use?

In simple terms the size of the hit delivered to the user is limited by how much power can be delivered for vaporization. The more power available then the bigger the amount of concentrate that can be vaporized. That said there are realistic limitations to the batteries, switches, and cartridges that create some incompatibilities. More Power is not necessarily better. When you increase power you decrease battery life and accelerate the usage of the concentrate. The original omicron used a 2.4 ohm cartridge. This cartridge will typically provided over 100 hits on a single battery charge.

Understanding how much power each cartridge configuration will produce will help the user select the proper cartridge for their desired dosage. In addition to dosage the viscosity of a concentrate can also effect ones choice in cartridge power. For Example: Pure Gold is a very thin concentrate and can produce very large hits on the 2.4 ohm cartridge where as other concentrates (earwax) might require a 1.5 ohm cart to deliver the same dosage.

Power Formula

Power in Watts = Voltage * Voltage / Resistance.

Plugging the in number of 3.7V for voltage and resistance of 2.4 ohms give us

5.75 Watts for a typical Omicron V1 setup.

The omicron v1, v2 and O-PHOS are only designed to work the 1.5, 2.4, & 3.0 Ohm cartridges. The other cartridges offered are for higher voltage devices like the Persei which can deliver over 30 watts of power and appropriately sized hits with the right cartridge/battery combination.

Compatible Cartridges

The Omicron is a 3.7 volt device and can effectively use the following ohm cartridges. Comparing the number of watts will be more accurate than comparing the ohms or amps through a cartridge; more watts indicates a hotter cartridge:


  • 1.5 ohm, 2.5 amps --- 9.25 watts
  • 2.4 ohm, 1.5 amps --- 5.75 watts
  • 3 ohm 1.25 amps ----- 4.5 watts

The 1.5 ohm will be hot and powerful so they must be primed carefully. 2.4 ohm are very user-friendly and 3.0 ohm will give very light, flavourful hits.

The first Omicrons shipped with 2.4 ohm cartridges but some of the newer Omicrons have shipped with 1.5 ohm cartridges. All newer cartridges are marked with their ohm value, a 2.4 ohm cartridge would read: "2.4 EC/6 W9 TECH"

Where to buy?

NOTE: All version 2 omicrons have serial#'s. Units purchased from unauthorized retailers (Ebay, Amazon, etc) will NOT be covered under warranty. Please contact Up Tech for a list of approved dealers.

The Omicron is also available through collectives in northern and southern California among other areas.

Consider searching Weedmaps or emailing the manufacturer at for a up to date list of collectives in your area that sell the omicron and accessories.

Package Contents

Version 1 Package Contents

The single Omicron kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.7v 900mAh All Stainless Steel with heat shield
  • 1 AC/USB Charger
  • 1 Empty Extract Cartridges
  • 1 Year Warranty with original receipt
  • 1 Rugged Carry Case (zip up)

The double Omicron kit includes the following items:

  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.7v 900mAh All Stainless Steel with heat shield
  • 1 AC/USB Charger
  • 1 Empty Extract Cartridges
  • 1 Year Warranty with original receipt
  • 1 Rugged Carry Case (zip up)

Version 2 Package Contents

  • 1 Aluminum Shell
  • 2 3.7v Batteries
  • 1 Extract Cartridge
  • 1 Aluminum Mouth Piece
  • 1 Fill Tool
  • 1 Battery Charger
  • 1 Rugged Carry Case (clam shell)
  • 1 User Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty with original receipt ( please read warranty page for details )

O-PHOS Package Contents

The O-PHOS kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Lithium Ion Batteries 3.7v 900mAh All Stainless Steel with heat shield
  • 1 AC/USB Charger
  • 1 Empty Extract Cartridges
  • 1 Year Warranty with original receipt
  • 1 Rugged Carry Case (zip up)
  • 1 User Manual
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty with original receipt ( please read warranty page for details )



The Up Tech Omicron vaporizer was released to the general market on September 16th, 2011. The device is the culmination of 3 years of planning and design and 9 generations of cartridge design.


The Omicron is a ultra lightweight, ultra small hand-held, portable vaporizer (size of a Sharpie marker) designed for vaporizing extracts. The heater is nichrome wire, powered by an internal Li-Ion battery pack. The air path is separate from the battery.

Omicron Version 1 Kit

Omicron V1 Kit

Omicron Version 2 Kit Close Up

Omicron V2 Kit Close Up

Omicron Version 2 Kit Unboxed

Omicron V2 Kit Unboxed

Omicron V2 Black and Chrome Side by Side

Omicron V2 Black and Chrome Side by Side

O-PHOS Kit Unboxed


The entire unit including the battery, the heat shield and the cartridge are made of stainless steel. The omicron cartridge is designed to hold up to 1.0g of concentrate. A typical charge will give the user several hundred metered doses on a single charge. The manufacturer claims 400 metered doses off of a single gram of extract.

The cartridge is made of stainless steel, ceramic, wire, rubber seals, and silica rope according to the manufacturer. It is a two chamber system. The first chamber makes the concentrate liquid enough for the wick to soak it up and the second chamber is the vaporization chamber. There are many additional cartridge offerings in the works but currently only this original omicron style cartridge is available.


Overall dimensions assembled including mouth piece

Omicron V1

Height  : 17 cm
Diameter: 1.5 cm
Weight  : 51g

Omicron V2

Height  :
Weight  :


Height  :
Weight  :

All dimensions are approximate.

Omicron Version 1 vaporizer assembled compared to a Sharpie marker

Omicron size2.jpg

Omicron Version 1 vaporizer with cartridge removed compared to a Sharpie marker

Omicron size3.jpg

Family Photo from L to R: Sharpie Marker, O-PHOS, Persei, Omicron v1 (with Revolution LV), Omicron V2

IMG 0568.JPG

Power Source

The Omicron version 1 uses an internal 3.7v 900mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. The stock charger takes approximately 3.5 hours to go from completely exhausted to full charge via USB or via powered adapter. According to Up Tech charging time should be nearly identical using either USB or the provided charger. Additionally, evidence from forum users confirms this behavior. A charge typically lasts several hundred button presses. The omicron V1 can't be used while charging. Because of its modular design it's easy to swap a dead battery for a charged battery. The omicron V2 uses an industry standard Li-Ion 14650 1000Mah 3.7v battery which is removed from the unit and placed into an external charger. Additional batteries are available from Up Tech and many online stores. The O-PHOS uses an internal 3.7v 900Mah Li-Ion rechargeable battery simmilar to the Omicron V1 with a few notable distinctions. The battery is slightly longer in part to accomodate the bottom place which exposes the mini-usb connector which is used for charging. Additionally this unit can be used in what is known as pass though mode. The unit can be completely discharged and when you plug into USB the unit can be both USED and CHARGED simultaneously!

There is no battery level indicator other than the button will stop illuminating blue when the button is depressed once the battery has drained on any of the current models.

Li-Ion batteries do not have a memory, but each charging cycle depletes the useful capacity somewhat. This deterioration is unavoidable and permanent, and is accentuated in high-demand applications. The battery pack will therefore need replacement at some point. Because the pattern of use and re-charging determines the battery lifetime, it is not possible to predict how long it will last, but similar battery packs typically last up to three years with proper care.

Prolonging the battery life

Li-Ion batteries will last longer if you do not discharge them completely. A common recommendation for longest battery life is to re-charge when they are discharged to 80% capacity. The best approach is therefore to re-charge between sessions.

Charging Issues and Tips

There have been some reported issues with chargers on V1 breaking. This is often caused by inserting a battery to be charged that has some leaked concentrate on it which acts like a glue and applies unecessary stress to the charger when screwing and unscrewing and has resulted in few broken chargers. If you have an issue with a charge please open a ticket with Up Tech support.

Additionally a great tip is to check your battery for residue before charging. If anyone residue is found a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol will clean the mess up quick.

Filling Cartridges

Its important to start with understanding What types of concentrates can be used with the omicron so you don't ruin cartridges by filling them with concentrates that will clog and ruin them.

NOTE: Its recommended to not load less than 0.5G or more than 1.0G in a cartridge. Please don't load 0.2g and wonder why its not working well. some users have reported loading more than 1.0g but 1.0g is the manufacturer's recommended maximum.

Some users like to load 0.5g at first and then load another 0.5g later. There is no issue with this approach.

There is now a an official filling tool available and shipped with the unit from Up Tech. Originally there was the technique using a glass eye dropper but this technique has been largely replaced as FC member Daelic came up with a much better method you will commonly seen called the Daelic method or the funnel method. This funnel method inspired the official filling tool and both work well.

Checking Cartridge before Filling

One important thing to mention regardless of how you fill the cartridge is to the test the cartridge prior to filling. Attach the cartridge to the battery and depress the button. While depressing the button look down the center air hole. The heating element should be glowing red and the base of the cartridge should start getting warm. If the heating element is not working then the cartridge is DOA and should not be filled. This simple check can save from the end user from having to drain precious concentrate out after filling. This rare but it has happened so test your cartridges before filling.

Pre-Oxidizing Cartridges

If you draw on the cartridge while dry you wont get the most pleasant odor or taste. It taste somewhat like machine oil. Its likely manufacturing residue and the ni-chrome heater wire oxiding. This smell and flavor typically dissipates quickly once the cartridge is loaded. Up Tech is evolving their cartridge manufacturing process to include some extra wash steps and a step to pre-oxidize the heating element. A user at home can also pre-oxidize the heater with the following procedure.

  • Press Button for 3 seconds with dry cartridge.
  • Allow to cool down for 20 seconds
  • Repeat process 5-10 times

If you continue to have flavor issues or concerns please open a ticket with Up Tech.

Miscellaneous Filling Tips and Tricks

Additionally please dont use the white cap provided except for storage. Using the unit with the white cap on will result in leaks and clogs. Many users completely discard the white caps and never use them at all. Most all concentrates except for Pure Gold seem to be solid at room temperature making the cap redundant in many cases. With a thinner concentrate like PureGold or when storing the unit in a hot environment the white storage cap may be desirable to prevent the concentrate from melting and leaking out the unit.

Additionally some people like to stuff (room temp) earwax down into the cart using a manual process instead of using heat.

Also Pure Gold generally doesn't require a funnel at all. just cut the tip and squeeze the contents of the capsule down into the Cartridge. Use a toothpick or short nail(3/4 x 18 steel nail) in the center air hole to avoid clogging it with the liquid concentrate. The toothpick is effective but the nail fits perfectly.

The Daelic Fill Technique

Video of the Daelic Fill Technique

Planet Vape (Canadian Dealer) has written a great filling manual here

Priming & unclogging cartridges

Priming after filling

Depress button and draw repeatedly until vapor production begins. The number of button presses required to prime a cartridge will vary greatly based on the viscosity of the concentrate and how well the concentrate flowed down into the cartridge during filling and how/if the cartridge was heated after filling to allow the contents to settle.

Guidelines on priming difficulty for generic concentrates
  • BHO and Hash Oils - These prime fairly easily despite being very viscous.
  • Butane Extracts (aka. Earwax, Super Melt, Budder, etc) - These generally prime very easily with only a few button presses.
  • CO2 (aka. Earwax, Super Melt, Budder, etc) - These generally prime with a little more heat than regular BHO or earwax.
  • 02 Extracts - Limited feedback here but these seem to be more difficult to prime.
  • Shatter Glass - often very difficult to prime. might take a while.
  • ISO Extracts - variable. some users with bad luck and some with great success.
  • Full Melt - DONT USE - Will Clog Cartridge
  • Bubble Hash - DONT USE - WONT MELT
Priming difficulty level for specific extracts common in CA collectives:
  • Liquid N Extracts (aka. Nitro OG Wax) - primes very easily with only a few button presses
  • PureGold - primes very easily with only a few button presses

Priming after clog (aka. clearing a clog)

Its fairly common with the omicron to get a small obstruction in the airway after storage. These small clogs sometimes called pop clogs are easy to clear. It seems the frequency of these clogs depends on many factors such as the viscosity of the extract, the level of fullness of the cart, The position in which the unit was stored and also the temperature at which the unit was stored.

To clear a pop clog simply press the button and hold for 6 seconds while drawing on the omicron very very gently. Release and repeat up to 10 times until unclogged. The pressing of the button will engage the heater and liquify the clog after a few presses typically and then the gentle draw will clear it. you will often hear and feel the small pop when the clog clears. This is all fairly common and normal. If after 10 tries you don't succeed at clearing the clog, remove the cartridge and gently insert a Vito Tool,paper clip, or needle dipped in ISO alcohol into the bottom of the unit very gently until it hits resistance. Push gently and don't push past the resistance (~1cm in). Repeat process with ISO needle on top of cartridge. Insert until it hits the heating element (much farther down than from the bottom) Then re-assemble unit and repeat priming procedure until cleared.

Priming Tips

  • Fuller carts seem to develop this issue more often than emptier carts (gravity? I think so)
  • Store the omicron standing uptight if at all possible.
  • Storing the omicron on its side (laying down) especially after heavy usage can facilitate one of these clogs
  • Storing the omicron in a hot environment on in direct sunlight can facilitate one of these clogs

Priming DONTs

  • Heat the lower part of the cartridge.
  • Overheat the upper part of the cartridge. (Hold it with your hands to gauge heat)
  • Blow into the cartridge.
  • Suck too hard.


The omicron heats up immediately when the button is depressed. When depressed the button should be illuminated blue. This indicates the device is on. When you release the button the device turns off. If the user depresses the button for more than 7 seconds it will start to flash. This flashing indicates the battery has gone into to protection mode to preserve the battery life. Release the battery until the flashing stop to reset.

1. Hold the device to your mouth and inhale gently (like sipping hot coffee through a straw) while holding the button for 7 seconds. release when light flashes and stop inhaling. That is one dose.

Additional Techniques:

  • Flute method: 4 seconds on 2 seconds off, for the duration of the hit.
  • Deep pull: 6 seconds on 2 seconds off, repeat for the duration of the desired lung capacity.
  • Short method: 6 seconds and sit it down
  • Circular breathing hitting technique: Do one 7 second hit (until the battery protection kicks in), Sherlock style filling my mouth with vapor, Inhale that, hold for 10 seconds, start a 2nd hit, pulling Sherlock style, and exhale 1/2 of the original hit through my nose while still finishing the 2nd hit Sherlock style. One the battery protection kicks in again, rinse & repeat.

As this wiki entry was being written an excellent user's manual became available from Planet Vape (Canadian Dealer). It has some great flow charts explaining many concepts and functions.

Planet Vape has written a great user's manual here



External Links

Discussion on

Omicron V2 review and detailed Photos by Joe Kickass

Pics and Videos

Manufacturers Overview

Nail Cart Demo


Video using the Omicron with Water Filtration by DubCRider

Close up pic of Omicron connected to a Water Piper by DubCRider

Omicron with the cloud Hydratube


Vito original post on solderless charger repair

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Omicron Fill Method(Cherry Pie C02 Earwax) by DubCRider

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Colored O-rings for distinguishing strains

Deal Extreme Bubbler

Vito demoing the Deal Extreme Bubbler

Scotch Tape Labels

Leopard Wrap

3M carbon fiber vinyl wrap

Simple carrying case using a bridge card desk case

Excellent carrying case for omicron, durable, reduces odor

Tools and Labelling tips from Joe Kickass

408Grow's Custom Candy Apple Green Omicron

Bob Loblaw on Lanyard carrying cases

Kertongs MFLB mouthpeice mod

Source for MFLB Tubes

More Sources for MFLB Tubes

Carbon Fiber Wrap by Drum Infected

Polished V1 Omicron

From PlanetVape on FC: "For the battery it is 62mm x 52mm + the part for the end cap and for the cone it is 45mm x 60mm and it requires some steady hands and some skill as the piece is very small and curved. Then you need to trim and get the seams perfect, all without getting any wrinkles."

  • User reports the stock charger can be replaced with an iphone charger which is much smaller.


Vitolo's filling and unclogging tool

Shobi's simple filling station tool

OF's unclogging tool (#3 Safety Pin)

Scraper for concentrates


What do the lights on the charger indicate?

  • Green light on charger + no battery plugged in = Normal
  • Red light on charger + no battery plugged in = Bad Charger? Contact Support at Up Tech
  • Red light on charger + battery plugged in = Normal, battery is charging.
  • Green light on charger + battery plugged in = Normally indicates charging is complete. If the light stays green when plugging in a dead battery please see Here

Can I tell how much charge is left in the battery?

No, but some information can be deduced.

  • If the button doesn't illuminate at all then the battery is totally dead.
  • If the button flashes when pressed its low and needs charge.
  • If the button illuminates blue steadily the battery has adequate charge and should be functioning properly.

When should I charge my unit

According to the manufacturer: When its dead.

Can I charge my unit if its not dead without damaging it?


Is there a compact carrying case for a single omicron?

Sure, a single cigar case with some additional foam cut and inserted to prevent rattling works well and allows the whole unit to be carried assembled and can help reduce odor. Another user indicated he used a toothbrush holder as a stealth but effective carrying case. Another user used a box from bridge cards to carry the unit disassembled. Another user suggest using an altoids tin , "An Altoids tin is perfect to hold 1 battery + 1 cart/sleeve/mouthpiece".

Example: Cigar Tubes

Whats the best way to store the omicron?

Standing up is the best way. This keeps the concentrate toward the bottom of the cartridge where it can be effectively used. A coffee cup can serve as a great holder.

Does the provided charger work with 110v/220v/240v?

The provided omicron charger inputs 100 to 240 Volts at 50/60 Hz and outputs 5 Volts DC.

Can I charge the Omicron with my computer?

Yes, the included charger includes a USB adapter for charging using a computer or any USB port.

Can I use the Omicron when the battery is dead

No, There is no currently available power adapter for the omicron to allow usage while the battery is charging.

I Plug my dead battery into the charger and the light on the charger stays green instead of changing to red. What do I do?

Some users have reported some contaminent on the battery terminal causing issues with the charger. Some have reported solving this problem by cleaning the battery with isopropyl alcohol and drying before charging. also been sure and firmly screen the cartridge on to the charger.

If the light on the charger remains green after these steps please open a ticket with Up Tech

The fill tool is stuck on my cartridge! How do I remove it?

Screw the cartridge on to the battery, and gently twist the fill tool off. Generally the tool will fit better after using it a few times.

How do I test if a cartridge is working properly?

  • If the cartridge is empty or no multimeter is available then: Attach the cartridge to the battery and depress the button. While depressing the button look down the center air hole. The heating element should be glowing red and the base of the cartridge should start getting warm. If the heating element is not working then the cartridge is not functioning correctly.
  • Using a multimeter measure the resistance of the cartridge from the bottom center to the outside of the cartridge. If the cartridge is functioning correctly you should get a reading of 2.3-2.4 Ohms. A an improperly functioning cartridge will read 5.4 ohms (if one of the 2 heaters in parallel has burned out) or infinite resistance (open circuit) when both heater coils have burned out.
  • Up Tech has indicated in the future they will release a simple cartridge testing tool.

I press the battery button and it immediately flashes?

Your battery is low and needs to be charged.

If the problem continues after charging please open a ticket with Up Tech.

I press the battery button and it does not light up

Please charge the battery and if the batter does not function properly after charging please open a ticket with Up Tech

The Status light on the charger never changed from red to green?

You may have an issue with your charger or battery. Please open a ticket with Up Tech.

Are the cartridges refillable?

The manufacturer recommends a single usage to minimize risk of a cartridge going bad and losing concentrates. Eventually the heater coil will deal and the seals may degrade to the point where the cartridge is not functioning optimally.

Many users have been refilling cartridges with success multiple times. If you as the user are going to exceed the manufactures recommendation and refill cartridges be prepared for the fact that they will die eventually and you will have to throw away some concentrate or try to reclaim from the expired cartridge.

How do you test that a cartridge is working before I fill it?

One important thing to mention regardless of how you fill the cartridge is to the test the cartridge prior to filling. Attach the cartridge to the battery and depress the button. While depressing the button look down the center air hole. The heating element should be glowing red and the base of the cartridge should start getting warm. If the heating element is not working then the cartridge is DOA and should not be filled. This simple check can save from the end user from having to drain precious concentrate out after filling. This rare but it has happened so test your cartridges before filling.

How do you fill a cartridge?

Please see this section

How do you unclog a cartridge?

Please refer to this section

How long does the battery last?

Typically close to two hundred button presses between chargings. for more information see the section on the power source.

How long does a cartridge last?

Manufacturer Claims 400+ metered doses out of single gram of concentrate.

Users are experiencing similar if not better results in most cases. Some thinner concentrates such Pure Gold may not last as long.

What types of concentrates can I use in this cartridge?

The omicron can vaporize many types of concentrates but they need to have 2 properties.

  • Concentrate must fully melt
  • Concentrate must NOT contain any residual plant matter.

This means hash oils, earwax, budder, supermelt, PureGold, NitroOG, O2 extracts all work fine.

This means any cold water/ice/bubble hash will NOT WORK! (Violates Rule #1)

This means any kief will NOT WORK!! (Violates Rule #1)

This also means any "Full Melt" hash will NOT WORK. (Violates Rule #2)

Shatter Glass works for some and not for others. Its generally very hard to liquify and prime.

ISO extracts seem to have varying success with some users have trouble and others having great success.

Users have reported that California's Harborside club "Taffy" generally does not work.

Its also been reported that "Gold Flake" seen at a number of clubs in/around San Jose, CA seems to vary widely and is generally difficult to prime.

The rule of thumb with extracts is that the lighter the color the better. The darker colors are generally assumed to be caused by plant matter and other impurities. If you live in California then look for products tested butane free by SteepHill Labs or reputable testing facilities. Tetra Labs PureGold is generally considered the highest grade (purest) extract available in California and the only extract known to have the paraffins removed (aka. its de-waxed)

Any Info on Future Products?

The best way to learn about new products anouncments from Up Tech to read the discussion on

How do I extract concentrate from a dead cartridge?

You need 4 things to reclaim concentrate from a dead cartridge

  • Any small or desktop vice or something like this [sold at Harbor Freight for less than $4]
  • Dish,plate, or something to collect the reclaim on. Something flat and ceramic or glass is good. you want something hard and flat so scraping the reclaim up is not too difficult.
  • Heat source - small torch or barbeque lighter will work better than a standard lighter. because you will generally be using some additional heat a traditional lighter will get hot and its very easy to get burned. using a small torch or barbeque lighter keeps fingers from getting burned.

Example: Benzomatic micro torch from Home Depot

  • Single edge razor - to scrape up the reclaim when your done

Once you have the cartridge positioned. Heat it gently and the concentrate will flow out onto your collection dish. Let the concentrate cool and scrape up with a single edge razor and your done.

Additionally Vitolo came up with this technique to reclaim even more

I am not getting vapor from my cartridge! What do I do?

It always helps to:

  • Check that your battery is not dead (First few times I wasn't getting vapor it was because battery was dieing)
  • Check the cartridge heating element is working before filling. Typically an empty cart is ~7.9 grams with some variance.
  • Weigh the cartridge before you fill it so you know if its really empty or not

If the cartridge has concentrate in it and still appears to be getting hot but little to no visible vapor is coming out chances are the concentrate is stuck to the walls of the cartridge. This is easily remedied by holding the cartridge by the bottom near the threads and then gently heating the top 1/4th of the cartridge allowing the concentrate to settle in. Don't be worried if you get a little smoke, this generally indicates you applied a bit too much heat to one spot.

Again your only heating the top part of the cartridge never the bottom. You will notice the bottom part you are holding wont get warm.

In fact this technique applies less heat to the cartridge than general usage. Users can easily take the heat shield off after 10 button presses and see the cartridge bottom gets hotter during normal usage than during a gentle heating so there should be no adverse effects on the seals in the cartridge.

some users also report wrapping a wet cloth around the bottom (threaded side) and heating the top 1/4 while rolling gently between your fingers.

Additionally and especially if you didn't weigh the cartridge so you don't know if it has concentrate left in it. Use Vitolo's needle tool and heat the needle hot and scrape in along the inside walls of your cartridge. Of course being careful not to press to far down and being gentle. This technique can also help with getting stuck concentrate to settle down in the cartridge.

Whats the best way to stabilize a cartridge for filling?

There are a number of techniques to stabilize a cartridge.

  • place the cartridge in the battery
  • place the cartridge in a small desktop vice
  • drill a hole in a small block of wood and insert the cartridge into the hole. [Pics here]

Can I mix more than one type of concentrate at a time in the omicron?

Numerous forum users have indicated mixing concentrates has no known issues.

Are there any other tools or accessories to enhance its use?

There have been a number of official and user created enhancements for the omicron here

How do I remove the Omicron logo from the battery?

Goo Gone will not work. Haven't tried goof off.

Single edge razor blades work

How do I learn more about the Omicron?

The best way to learn more about the Omicron is to read the discussion on

Pure Gold Tips and Tricks

  • Here's some tips for dealing with the liquid nature of pure gold.
  • Try loading only 1/2 g at a time. putting a full g in seems to cause more leaks.
  • As Up Tech said with Pure Gold: Let it cool down for 3 minutes after 2 x 7 second presses. you don't want to get it to hot.
  • After your done pressing the button inhale slowly and help it cool down. If you can remember hit again and 30/60 seconds and clear any pop clog building. This helps insure its clear next you want to use.
  • Don't use the white cap.
  • One user also tested with pure gold carrying the cart attached or detcached in my pocket outdoors doing physical activities. Attached 4 Sure!!!! That way if it does leak it contains the leak versus having it leak MORE in your pocket.

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