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The Vapbong LoxLux is a controlled heat source for the Vapbong flame powered vaporizer. The LoxLux won "Best in Show" at the 2009 Cannatrade convention. The source of heat is a mercury free halogen lamp heating a copper drum in which there are six holes in which a user can place a VapBong, for up to six VapBongs at once. VapBongs in the LoxLux can be left over time with little to no vapor lost. While some users may be put off by the use of copper in the construction of the LoxLux, at no time does any air which will be entering the herb crucible come in contact with any part of the LoxLux at all. The LoxLux is designed to resemble a conventional lamp to avoid drawing attention while not in operation.

LoxLux with 6 vapbongs


  • Style Heat Source
  • Heating element Copper clad halogen lamp
  • Manufacturer VapBong
  • MSRP 39 Euro
  • Made In Spain
  • Website Click Here
  • FC Thread Click Here