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The KIA vaporizer is a whip style vaporizer built into a lockable steel enclosure. The enclosure provides ample space for a user to store all related parts and other objects they wish to lock up with the vaporizer. The KIA vaporizer was designed and individually hand manufactured by by Neil Kia. There were two versions of the KIA that were produced, a unit preset to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and a unit with an analog controllable potentiometer for temperature control. The KIA had the option of a charcoal filter adapter accessory. A bubbler attachment was also sold, which attached in-line to the whip and cooled vapor.

A "large body" version of the KIA is also available but with no difference in function even with the larger size.


KIA Vaporizer with Pink Mouthpiece

While the unit looks like it is designed for stealth, each of the enclosures is painted with a logo that reads "KIA VAPORIZER" which could be an issue for some users.

The user should allow 15 minutes for the KIA to cool off after it is unplugged before closing the enclosure. Doing so will significantly shorten the lifespan of the heating element.


  • Style Whip
  • Heating Element Ceramic
  • MSRP 240 USD
  • Made in United States
  • Website Click Here
  • Warranty 1 Year, Lifetime available for 15$