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I-inhale in box


The iolite is a portable butane powered vaporizer that uses a flameless catalytic process to produce heat. The bowl is heated by a cylindrical heat chamber as well as a heat pin which pierces through the center of the bowl. Very good use of conduction heating.

iolite shown with VaporGenie(middle) and Vapman
  • Type: Portable, primarily conduction
  • Heat source: Proprietary flameless butane catalytic heater
  • MSRP: $200-250USD $300-400 AUD
  • Made in: Ireland
  • Website:
  • Warranty: 2 year manufacturers
  • Nicknames: II, I-i, io

Package Contents

Usage Tips

Let it preheat and don't hit it too hard. Also remove the moisture condenser from the mouthpiece for better airflow.


Reception from users has been positive with high marks for stealth and portability. Recently users have reported problems with the mouthpiece melting, apparently due to an unnoticed manufacturing issue on a large batch. [1]

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