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The Extreme Vaporizer is a tabletop vaporizer manufactured by Arizer that can be used with either a whip or a balloon system. The Extreme is currently available in two models: the Q and the V-Tower.

  • Type: Passive convection
  • Heat source: Glass shrouded ceramic heater with lifetime warranty
  • MSRP: $299 for Extreme Q, $199 for V-Tower
  • Made in: Ontario, Canada
  • Website:
  • Official FAQ:
  • Warranty: Heater has a lifetime warranty, parts and labour on the heating unit: two years for the V-Tower, three years for the Q
  • Additional features: LCD digital temperature control with timer shutoff, LED indicators, remote control, 3 speed fan, glass cyclone bowl, swivel action glass elbow, long whip, detachable balloon system, interchangeable glass mouthpieces, multipurpose aromatherapy bowl, cool blue base light, optional battery pack
  • Nicknames: E (Extreme V-Tower), EQ (Extreme-Q)

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Congratulations on your new Extreme Vaporizer purchase. At first, many people may have difficulty working their vaporizers. This is not unique only to the Extreme! It is likely that once you get things working smoothly, you may never feel the need(or want) to combust again.

If you're new to vaporizing, the first thing you need to understand is this is different from smoking. With smoking you just start a fire and inhale. Vaporizing can be a little trickier, but once you get it right, chances are you will never go back to smoking again. With vaporizing, you need to get the temp just right so that it is hot enough to create vapor, but not so hot that it scorches your herb. With rare exception, the Extreme isn’t capable of combustion. You can safely turn your Extreme up to the highest temperature without combusting. Units that do combust may be faulty and in that case you may want to contact the manufacturer, Arizer.

Regardless of the type of plant material you may be using with the Extreme, it is important that you get a quality grinder that gets the material down to particles as small as possible. Vaping is all about surface area and the difference between a coarse grinder and a fine grinder is one will use 1/2 the materials for the same effect. Some people also wish to grind the material between sessions but this can also lead to oil buildup in the grinder.

Important Note

There are currently 3 revisions of the Extreme. The only way for you to be certain of which version you have is to turn your unit on and dial the temperature to its maximum setting and see how high it goes.

  • v1 - 350C
  • v2 - 250C
  • v3 - 260C

It's important to understand that the temperature of the element and the air hitting the herbs is identical in all 3 revisions. The only difference is the temperature reading on the display.

Using the Extreme

Warm Up

The device will function properly as soon as the readout on the LCD has reached the desired temperature, but you may get better functionality by following this advice. Improved efficiency is probably maintained after a warm up period because the glass parts have had time to heat-soak and stop from cooling down the airflow.

The first thing you need to do is let your unit warm up. I let mine warm up for 20 minutes before using it, and then it stays on for the rest of the night. I like to warm my unit up to 10 degrees hotter than I am going to vaporize at and then back it down when it is time to go. I also let it warm up for 10 of those 20 minutes by itself. This is when I grind the herb. I use a grinder with a screen to collect kif, which is a great thing to have when you either want to get completely rocked, or for when you run out of fresh herb. I've never tried to vaporize anything that wasn't ground. I then put a loaded bowl on the unit for the last 10 of the 20 warm-up minutes.


Several things affect the sweet spot for the Extreme such as the speed of the fan or your draw. It may take some time for you to find what you like, but here’s what settings I have been using lately with good success:

  • Low/mid quality herb
    • v1 - 320C
    • v2 - 220C
    • v3 - 220C
  • High quality herb
    • v1 - 290C
    • v2 - 190C
    • v3 - 190C

I like to turn it up 5C for each successive bag.

Another technique is to heat the product until it appears slightly blackened from scorching and to back the heat down from there to find the ideal temperature. This temperature may vary from strain to strain.

Loading the Cyclone Bowl

Your loaded bowl should not be more than half full, or up to the black coating. I find that my unit is more efficient if I load up the bowl only half this amount, or a quarter full. A small spoon can assist in loading the bowl

  • A bowl filled 1/5 of the way to the black cover, at 185 (ExtremeV3) produces 2 tasty bags that easily get one chronic user ripped.

Hitting the Whip

Once it is warmed up it is time to enjoy! For the whip I take a long, slow draw that lasts about 20 seconds. Then I try to hold it in for about 30 seconds. I can usually get about three hits off this before it is time to stir the bowl and get a few more!

Elbow Packs

An Elbow Pack

You may hear of users doing 'elbow packs' from time to time. This is a conservation method usually intended to produce thick milky hits for a single user. People report having excellent efficiency while using this method. A tip from Steve at Arizer:

I understand some people like thicker/more concentrated hits, something that can be achieved by 'packing the bowl'. The younger crowd and bong users often like a thicker/more concentrated (and smokey) hit.
That can be easily achieved with the Extreme and V-Tower, it's probably something I should of mentioned before, because the method I'm about to describe is very popular in some circles and extremely popular with those who collect 'pollen' in their (Wicca) Kif Box.
Instead of filling the bowl as you normally would, leave it empty, turn the heat up a few degrees higher than normal, finely grind your herbs, (or use 'pollen powder' from a kif box) and then fill/pack the (dome shaped) screen that sits in the elbow shaped glass piece. You'll be surprised how much you can pack in there, now set the elbow on the bowl as you normally would, let it 'sit and percolate' a few minutes and inhale, that will give you a VERY thick, concentrated, monster size hit . If you're using Pollen from a Wicca Box you're getting a super tasty, super concentrated amount of the finest part of the plant so you can imagine the effect!

If you use this method, don't worry about the herb falling out because it is upside down. You're supposed to pack it in the screen so it sticks.

Filling Bags

For the bag I simply attach it and turn the fan onto setting three (setting two and one produce vapor with increasing density). Once the bag is full, turn the fan off and party up! I can usually get up to four bags full before I reload, stirring the bowl between each bag. Be careful not to get too annihilated and forget that you have the fan on. I have done that a few times and am lucky I didn’t ruin the unit

Making New Bags

Glad Press'n Seal can be used as a stopper.

Water Filtration

The Extreme uses a standard 18.8mm connection on both the whip and a bag mouthpieces. They can connect to a 18.8mm GonG joint. (The bag stem has a GonG joint?) Hold the bag upright when connected to a bong to facilitate airflow.

  • The whip uses this joint to connect to the vaporizer, not the mouthpiece. This means it cannot be connected to a bong.


What I do with my V Tower Extreme
alt text


Obviously, you bought the Extreme because you wanted to try a variety of methods. However, there are often times, when you wish to conserve material. Several users at FC report the following technique to stretch out their meds, "use the dome (Super Thick Hits method above) for a few hits, making a small pile of the material between and using all of it together in the cyclone bowl at a higher temp at the end."


As a newbie, I think these settings and instructions will get you up and running pretty quickly. However, one of the great things about vaporizing is the settings are many and the preference is up to you. Once you get comfortable with getting vapor out of your Extreme, play around with the settings to see what you like best. Remember that there is no right or wrong group of settings to use, just what works best for you.

For example, some people replace their herb before I do, some do it later. Some vaporize at cooler temperatures than I do and get great results. Some even use lower fan speeds and like it. The settings I suggest here are only what I like and what I have found to be easy to use to get good results the first time.

Another thing to remember is that the ‘honey’, or yellow stuff that accumulates in the tubing is loaded! Do not throw it out, but rather scrape it out or extract it using some other method and you will not be disappointed when you put some of it on your next batch of herb! Don't forget to save your spent herb for cooking or something later.

How to repair your Extreme heater cover

These instructions have been copied from from Vapeworld.

Extreme Vaporizer Heater Cover Replacement Instructions

  1. Remove 4 rubber feet on bottom of Extreme Vaporizer base.
  2. Unscrew the 4 screws located under each rubber foot.
  3. Remove bottom base cover of the Extreme Vaporizer.
  4. Locate 2 screws only, one on either side of the circuit board (do not remove any screws that secure down the circuit boards). Remove these 2 screws that secure the stainless steel cylinder down, and remove the Extreme Vaporizer cylinder Note: if it is tough to remove the cylinder - wiggle the cylinder back and forth until it becomes loose and comes off - be careful not to touch the circuit board to prevent any damage.
  5. When you have the Extreme Vaporizer cylinder off you will see the ceramic heater. Remove the long cotter pin that secures the glass heater cover and remove any broken glass particles by gently blowing canned air and/or turning it upside down and gently shake it so any glass will fall out Note: when shaking the Extreme Vaporizer so any glass particles fall out - hold the ceramic heating element to prevent any damage.
  6. Once it is all cleaned out, place the new replacement glass heater cover in place and secure it with the long bottom cotter pin Note: make sure the holes in the cradle and glass heater cover are lined up to prevent breaking/cracking the glass. Make sure before installing the new heater cover to put the insulation tube around the glass heater cover first.
  7. Now screw in the top 4 support screws evenly which center and support/holds the glass heater cover Note: do not screw in the 4 support screws too tight to prevent damage to the glass heater cover.
  8. Place the Extreme Vaporizer cylinder back on - line up the holes in the cylinder with the holes in the Extreme Vaporizer base. Position the cylinder top hole so it is centered with the top of the glass heater cover. Secure the 2 screws that hold the cylinder in place.
  9. Place/center the Extreme Vaporizer base cover back on and screw in the 4 screws and place the 4 rubber feet back on.

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