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The Herborizer is a vaporizer designed to be used with glass water pipes. It uses a heat injector consisting of a stainless steel encased ceramic element which connects to standard ground glass joints.

Herborizer kits consist of an injector and a glass water pipe also made by the same company in France. The pipes are available in a sphere or tube shape. Initially, the injectors were only offered in 18mm, now they are also available in 14m and without the tube or sphere.


  • Type: passive convention
  • Heat source: encapsulated ceramic heating element in surgical stainless steel
  • Price: from 249 to 369 €
  • Warranty: one year for electric parts
  • additional features: Xl version with temp control, vaporization systems for glass bongs

Package content

  1. Injector
  2. Temp. control (only xl)
  3. Glass body
  4. Bowl + screen
  5. Agitator
  6. Power supply (EU/US)



Sebastien, the Herborizer inventor, made his first piece in the 2004 in a old mill in southern France. He worked about one year to improve the first Herborizer thanks to a friend specialized in laboratory tools. He is still working to improve the vaporizer and recently did a test with a all ceramic heater injector without success for he stated that this heater affected the sample taste so the stainless steel element was maintained. The Herborizer won "The Best Vaporizer 2008" at the Hightimes Cannabis Cup prize in Amsterdam and it is known in the vapor community for the purity of flavor and smoothness of vapor. Lately for who already own a glass tool like ice-bongs or pipes are available the heating systems only, with or without the temperature variator and with the bowl joint in two sizes (14.4/18.8).


There are two types of Herborizer, The Sphere and The Tube, both with a regular or an XL version. The regular version has an heating element with a fixed temperature of 190° celsius. The XL version has a thicker glass (3.5 mm) and a temperature control knob.



The learning curve for this vaporizer is a fast and after the first session you can manage how to reach the desired effect. The Xl version is for who prefer to play with temperature and set the best spot for any sample. Once found the suitable temperature is usually left and minor changes are needed so the only attention to pay is for a steady and long ihnalation. The bowl is quite large but the amount of material needed to cover the screen is small and the herb seems to last for 10 tasty hits at least without any scorch of the plant material. Before start vaporizing you can put some water in the Sphere or some ice cubes in the Tube to filter and cool down the vapor.This allow you to make bigger hits without any issue to your lungs.