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The Extreme Vaporizer is a tabletop vaporizer manufactured by Arizer that can be used with either a whip or a balloon system. The Extreme is currently available in two models: the Q and the V-Tower.

  • Type: Passive convection
  • Heat source: Glass shrouded ceramic heater with lifetime warranty
  • MSRP: $299 for Extreme Q, $199 for V-Tower
  • Made in: Ontario, Canada
  • Website: http://www.arizer.com
  • Official FAQ: http://arizer.com/faq.html
  • Warranty: Heater has a lifetime warranty, parts and labour on the heating unit: two years for the V-Tower, three years for the Q
  • Additional features: LCD digital temperature control with timer shutoff, LED indicators, remote control, 3 speed fan, glass cyclone bowl, swivel action glass elbow, long whip, detachable balloon system, interchangeable glass mouthpieces, multipurpose aromatherapy bowl, cool blue base light, optional battery pack
  • Nicknames: E (Extreme V-Tower), EQ (Extreme-Q)

Package Contents

The standard Extreme V-Tower kit.

The standard Extreme kit includes the following items:

  • 1 Remote Control
  • 2 Balloons
  • 1 mini whip for balloons
  • 1 three foot whip
  • 2 extra Interchangeable Mouthpieces
  • Potpourri Dish w/ sample aromatic herb
  • 2 "Cyclone" Bowls
  • 1 Glass Stirring Tool
  • Extra Screens
  • Instructions


Production Versions

The Extreme Q is the latest tabletop model released by Arizer. It has an improved, quieter fan, "midnight chrome" finish, three heat sensors, reinforced internals, and 50% more energy efficient, and THREE year warranty.

There are currently 3 revisions of the Extreme V-Tower vaporizer that have been produced by Arizer. Version 3 is still sold. An effective way to tell the difference between each version is by checking the highest possible heat setting on a particular unit.

  • version 1 - 350C
  • version 2 - 250C
  • version 3 - 260C

It's important to understand that the temperature of the element and the air hitting the herbs is identical in all 3 revisions. The only difference is the temperature reading on the display. The temperature readout on the display has changed due to relocation of the temperature sensor.


More Info on the Temp Sensor Changes

Here's an email from Arizer regarding the temp setting and the location of the sensor:

The Heat Sensor and Temperature topic is one we can't seem to win, it's a complex topic, easy to explain if I could show you and tell you in person, let me try and explain here the best I can...

First we had the units with the Sensor embedded inside the heater, as result the LCD display would go up to 350C, showing the 'true' or 'static' heater temperature. From an Engineer's standpoint they told me this was the best way to do it, a sensor lasts longer reading a static temp than a variable temp, it turns the heater on/off less. Customers didn't like that, they felt since other vape's on the market showed a temp closer to the 'actual' vaporization temp of herbs, then ours should too. In a lot of ways I agree, it's ideal if a vaporizer could show the 'exact' vaporization temp of the herbs, (none on the market do by the way).

Anyway, we moved the sensor so the LCD would show a temperature more in relation to what herbs vaporize at. (It's important to note that the Extreme's that had a max LCD temp of 350 and and the ones which show a max of 250 reach exactly the 'same' actual temperatures inside the bowl. The heater reaches the same range of 'actual' temperatures only the LCD shows a different reading.

Our Vaporizer is the first 2 in 1 Unit, Balloon or Whip, that works really well. We use two different temperature settings; a lower setting for the whip since the airflow is different, and a higher setting for the balloon because the air is moving conistently and faster so you require more heater, some people don't understand that. Some people really do think it's like a cruise control setting for a car, you set it at 80 and it's going to go 80 no matter what, uphill/downhill doesn't matter ... a vape isn't the same at all, there are variables, you can't expect to set it at 200C and get perfect vapor everytime, thick enough so it's effective, yet a low enough temp so it's not smokey or harsh, further some expect that no matter whether it's moist or really dry, or ground fine or coarse or regardless of what quality the herbs are that the vapor should be the same. You know as well as I do now after vaporizing for a while that this isn't possible.

For the max temps it's been a challenge too, we get as many people telling us that the Extreme gets too hot as we do not hot enough. Some think the maximum setting should produce a very light vapor, others want a really thick vapor. The answer is to experiment with each grade/kinds of herbs you have and use your favorite setting for each. Not getting hot enough is the hardest to deal with, you can't just tell the Customer to turn it higher to solve the problem. I personally feel the main reason for people saying this now is because they expect to be able to turn the unit on and blow a balloon immediately, if you do your first bag will be light, even when set it at 250C. Once the glass warms up it really holds the heat and you'll require a setting much lower than 250C. Problem is if we allow for a higher maximum temperature and once it's warmed up if you put really dry, finely ground herbs in there then they'll burn and stink up the balloon and hose and we then get complaints from that, LOL.

It's hard to please everyone, but we do try hard


This is Arizer's description of the materials used in their vaporizers:

EQ screens are simply 440 Stainless Steel / Titanium blend, the best we could get made. I'm a very picky person and from all the options we looked this was the safest and also most functional. We've played around with glass screen idea's but haven't come up with any thing that lasts.

All our EQ Screens and made to our specifications, they are made of Stainless Steel / Titanium blend. We have carefully sourced parts from all over the world and have gone to great lengths the past years to source and use only safe parts, from glass to silica free ceramics, there are no glues, pcb's are lead free, all accessories are medical/food grade etc...All structure materials used inside are of safe non-toxic materials and are temperature heat rated much higher then the heater can go at maximum temperature. Both the Extreme and V-Tower are assembled here in Canada with parts coming from USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. [1]


To open the EQ, remove the four rubber feet on the bottom of the unit. A screw will be under each one, and all will need to be removed for opening.

Still have questions? http://www.fuckcombustion.com/viewtopic.php?id=32


See How To Use The Extreme Vaporizer.


The Extreme Vaporizer can be purchased directly from the Arizer homepage (http://www.arizer.com/), or from a number of third party Vaporizer retailers. Current average retail price is around $200 USD, often found for 180.


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