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Aromazap is a small company in Idaho, USA that has been making log vapes since 2001. For 10 years Aromazap produced the MyrtleZap, a wood insulated log vaporizer. In late 2011 Aromazap made the biggest revision to the MyrtleZap and created the Ceramic-insulated "CRZ" or "Ceramic RockZap", or simply "Rockzap". It utilizes ceramic insulation around the stainless-steel heat port to both insulate the heatport itself (doing away with the need for specific shaped wood exteiors) and to insulate the interior of the wood shell from the heat produced by the heat port and ridding it of charring over time (an atribute of log vaporizers that utilize the wood exteior souly for insulation). A variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and wood types are available--no two CRZs are exactly alike.

The RockZap doubles as a very effective Aromatherapy oil diffuser, thus allowing users to hide their vaporizers "in plain sight".

MyrtleZap with aromatherapy flower

"Aromazap Limited Lifetime Warranty -- What is lifetime? We will repair or replace free of charge any Aromazap(Ceramic Insulated RockZap or CRZ) that fails to function properly for any reason for the life of the Zap. The customer pays the freight to Zapville. The life of the Zap means as long as you, the original owner, owns the Zap. We will also repair 2nd and 3rd owned units but will charge an additional fee if not the original owner. What is Limited? Limited is the wood, the transformer, vapor stems and misuse or abuse. The transformer is warranted by Jameco for a year. Customers should go through Jameco if the transformer fails to perform within the year period. We do not warrant the transformer. The transformer disclaimer can be waived at our discretion. We will replace or repair at our discretion the wood for cracks that affect the function in any way at no charge for a period of one year from the date of purchase. After a year we will replace the wood for a nominal charge for cracking or other deformities. Freight to us is on the customer. We will replace vapor stems if the screen dislodges for a period of three months from date of purchase. If a continuous problem occurs, we reserve the right to charge for vapor stems replaced. Misuse and/or abuse determination is at our discretion based on our observation of the unit."

  • Additional features: solid stainless steel heatport/heat exchanger, electro polished to surgical grade SS finish. Optional accessories include: car adapter, glass stems ("Tooties"), hand-crafted aromatherapy diffuser flower, and short 14mm GonG tapered vapor stems/tubes.
  • Nicknames: Zap, CRZ, RZ, MZ